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Aircraft Analyse

You find an aircraft to buy. We analyse the technical documents of this plane and its suitability for sale with CAMO engineer and senior technician.

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Aircraft Test

We go to where the plane is with the test pilot and the technician and do the flight and technical tests. We present these tests to you in a technical report.

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Ferry Flight

If you have already bought a plane, we can transfer the plane wherever you want. These flights are carried out by experienced pilots in ferry flight.

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Import & Registration

Importing an aircraft and registration process would be very complicated.  We can help you to make it flawless with our local offices (In EU member states, Middle East and Turkey)

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Aircraft Maintenance

After the aircraft is taken, It needs maintenance many times. We can perform minor or major maintenance such as overhauling engine or propeller.

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0 to Key Solution

You choose your aircraft and budget. We find, analyse, perform maintenance and buy aircraft behalf of you. We perform new registration process and finally transfer aircraft to desired location.

Service Range

Available Aircraft Types

Ultra Light
Piston Engine
Turboprop Engine
Jet Engine

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